The Nursery

Eventually, I am going to get around to de-cluttering the baby’s room. We’ve had this spare room pretty much empty ever since we moved into this apartment three years ago… Technically, the room has had a couple of residents: Kiwi, Marco (Bobby’s brother), then Kiwi again. After Kiwi died, the room became a bit of a dumping ground (see pic below):

The room is a great size. I am definitely not into the neon green walls (the previous apartment owners had two sons… and they let each of their sons paint their bedrooms a BRIGHT colour). Regardless of the baby’s gender, the room will be painted with a softer, more calming, colour.

FullSizeRender (2)

Here is a list of things we need to get done before Baby L’s arrival:

Things to Buy/Build:

  • Better closet system. I can never understand why closets are built with so much wasted space. We don’t only need one shelf to store clothes on/hang clothes from!! We had our master bedroom closet redone by California Closets and we LOVE it. Unfortunately, Baby L’s closet budget is not so big.. He/she will be getting a lovely Martha Stewart or Ikea closet system 😛
  • Changing table (I have a few ideas on pinterest)
  • A comfortable chair (for nursing, lulling the baby to sleep, etc)
  • Black out blinds – so we can make night time happen anytime we need

We already have a crib. Years ago, Bobby made our friends a crib as a baby shower gift for their baby. Their baby is no longer a baby anymore. In fact, he is turning 5 this year and will be attending kindergarten in September (where the heck has the time gone?!). They are very kindly passing the crib back over to for us to use for Baby L which is so awesome! We just need to buy a new mattress and sheets for the crib 🙂


Crib building… on a summer day in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Perfectly normal patio activity 🙂

Here are a couple of other ‘before’ nursery pictures.

IMG_1646 (1)

The closet will be getting a better clothes storage system (with built in drawers, etc) to make it more functional. Currently next to the closet are a few baby items we bought from Brad and Ja: a travel baby bed, a breast pump and an Ergo baby carrier


The neon green room’s first resident: Kiwi-Keys Chaos! Technically, her momma Chaos was also a resident.. but Chaos died shortly after we moved into this apartment 😦

Nursery updates will commence this summer, after our sojourn in Europe. Stay tuned! 🙂

Becoming a grandma before a mom…

Long before Bobby and I became engaged.. and married.. and in the midst of expecting a human baby, we were human parents to a pregnant hedgehog named Chaos. 5 years ago today, Chaos gave birth to three little nuggets therefore making us pseudo-grandparents.

My favorite hedgehog was always Kiwi. Kiwi died over a year ago. Here she is at her 3rd birthday (the last bday she celebrated before going to hedgehog heaven)

FullSizeRender (33)