18 weeks – The Ugly Crying Begins…

Officially 18 weeks/4.5 months 🙂

I forgot to mention in my last post, I got the results of my genetic screening blood work at my last doctor’s appointment and everything looks good 🙂 My next appointment with my doctor is in a month’s time. I recently found out that my family doctor, who once was also a practicing obstetrician, no longer delivers babies. She has a partner in her office (Dr. Su) who currently still delivers babies and I will start seeing this doctor from my 32nd week of pregnancy on… and I will also be referred to a Maternity Group of obstetricians. Because the changes of the baby actually being born on its due date is quite low, it will be the obstetrician on call who will be delivering my baby :). I’ve made a request to deliver at BC Women’s Hospital, which is the best of the best in our area. I really hope I get accepted.

Everything has been smooth sailing (thank you, Baby!) but tender boobs have returned. A quick Google search shows that this has happened to other expectant mothers as well… so I am not too concerned. I can deal with discomfort! My newest symptom is… crying. Now, to be honest, I am not a crier in general. At the risk of sounding heartless, I have never been one to cry at sad movies/TV shows. The past couple of days however… the tears just came and I am inconsolable. I’ve been watching elephant videos on Youtube (don’t judge, they are so adorable!!!) and for whatever reason, I keep watching the REALLY sad ones (eg: ‘Elephant cries while being rescued’). After watching 5 sad videos, I am a mess (I really need to stop autoplay on Youtube, haha)… that I continue to be sad even after watching a funny video (eg: ‘Baby elephant can’t control trunk’). Ugh.

As for fetus updates: The baby now measures approximately 5.5 inches long and weighs about 0.5 pounds 🙂 Their lungs are developing  and their sex organs are in place. We will get to find out the baby’s gender at our next ultrasound. I am still planning on having a gender reveal party – not sure how we will do it. I think a cake reveal is the easiest, plus everyone gets to have cake! 🙂

Oh and I finally told my director today. I figured it was time… my belly is getting bigger 😉 She had a feeling I was pregnant. Apparently, I am glowing (I really don’t think I am), but also because after my bleeding episode, I had to go to an urgent doctor’s visit so I had to leave work early on short notice… and of course, I had to tell her. She’s super supportive and told me to just take as much time off as I needed for appointments, etc… and to just enjoy this pregnancy because time goes by so fast 🙂 I also told one of the Project Managers I work closely with. She’s also super happy for me 🙂

Our traveling three ring circus

We planned to spend the day yesterday at the lake again and it’s so funny to me how much stuff we have to bring for two adults. It makes me laugh to think how much more stuff we will need to bring when Baby L comes around! Baby stroller, diaper bag, beach toys… and of course the baby!

Because it’s going to be another hot weekend (27, feels like 30 degrees), we decided to buy a tent so we can have some shade when needed. We ended up getting this one from Canadian Tire and it is awesome! Easy to set up and take down… and it weighs less than 5 pounds! The tent came in really handy 🙂 Side note: the tent was also very popular among the beach goers – we spotted several families with the same model 🙂

Gone are the days when we could go to the beach with beach towels and water bottles. Bobby now insists on bringing our two, very large camping chairs. These chairs are awesome and I am appreciative that Bobby packs these up and carries them (they are not light!)… let’s face it, we are getting old. Sitting on the sand for prolonged periods of time hurts our backs 😛

We also bring a bag of snacks and a cooler with lots of water, fruit (like mangoes*) and lunch. Sasamat Lake has a concession stand.. and to be honest, it would be easier to just buy food there… but the line up is always long.. and who the heck wants to eat a hot and gooey poutine when it feels like it is 30 degrees?! We do make however buy ice cream on site… usually around 2pm when we feel like we are ready to melt 😉


*Bobby likes to comment about much many mangoes I eat. And every time I come home with more mangoes, he always goes “You bought MORE mangoes?”. Yes, Bobby. I love mangoes, okay?! I’m pretty sure that in 5 months time, I will give birth to a mango on top of a human baby…

13 weeks

Depending on what chart you prefer to go by, I am either in my last week of my first trimester… or the first week of my second trimester. Since I am a BC Resident, I will follow the timelines outlined by BC’s Ministry of Health which states that I am in the last week of my first trimester.

I cannot believe how far along I am!!! Time went by so fast… my due date is ‘only’ 27 weeks away 😉

As I mentioned previously, other than fatigue, most of my earlier pregnancy symptoms are none existent. A new symptom is hunger – all day, everyday! Baby L is really starting to grow and he/she is ALWAYS HUNGRY! Apparently, a 13 week old fetus measures at approx 3 inches and is about the size of a peach… Boy am I feeling the pain of the baby/uterus growing. The pain isn’t anything concerning… it’s more like little twinges here and there.

To date, I have not had any strange pregnancy cravings, like pickles and ice cream. I do have regular cravings. Yesterday, all of a sudden, I really needed to have a Pizza Hut pizza. Not sure why, it’s not like I saw an ad for it or anything either…. I haven’t eaten at a Pizza Hut in at least 10-15 years because their crust is so doughy… normally, I prefer thin crust pizza… and no tomato sauce (just olive oil). But for whatever reason, that’s what I had to have.

I can still fit in my regular clothes, although I have started to shop for maternity clothes. Wearing skin tight jeans is sort of becoming an issue, especially after eating. I guess I can just switch over to maternity pants… or dresses/skirts… mainly so I am not squishing the baby 🙂

Maternity Clothes… and Plant!

Last weekend, our friends Brad-Ja-Luca came over to drop off this awesome plant as a birthday/congrats on your pregnancy present. I can’t remember what this plant is called, but it’s so pretty! I have to remember to water it (and not over water it) though… I do not have a green thumb whatsoever!


Now that I am past 12 weeks and nearing the end of my first trimester, I decided to start buying maternity clothes. Why oh why is it difficult to find decent maternity clothes in Vancouver? I don’t mean to sound picky but since these clothes will only be worn for less than a year, I don’t want to spend a fortune on them. Also… why do most maternity tops looks like scrubs? Not that I have anything against scrubs, but I don’t want to look like I work in a hospital or clinic when I am just out and about…

I checked out Top Shop and H&M in Pacific Centre and they both had such a small selection of maternity clothes on site. I ended up getting two dresses from Gap online. They were both on sale – so I got a pretty good deal. Still, the dresses are only okay. The biggest problem is that they are both pretty long on me (and will be pretty long even after further belly growth). Being 5’3″, I am pretty used to this issue… At the end of the day, these dresses are good enough to wear to work eventually… 🙂

I also got some pants and shorts at H&M. The pants are sooooo comfy! I don’t ever want to wear normal pants again! The best part was the pants only cost 40$. Woo hoo! I need to create a clothing line for men – Beer Belly Pants. Everyone with a belly must understand how comfy these pants are 😉

Also got this (non maternity ;)) Kimono from Anthropologie. Every year, Anthro members get 15% off their entire purchase during their birthday month. I LOVE Anthropologie… although they are quite pricey and the two stores we have in the Lower Mainland don’t have as a big of a selection as any of the American stores I have ever been to :(. I used to order things online all the time… Until my last purchase. I bought a dress for 170$ USD and then got taxed some outrageous fee by Customs. The dress ended up costing over 300$ CAD after shipping and taxes and I was not pleased!

Anyway, now off to find some decent maternity tops… wish me luck!


Dad Jokes

One thing’s for sure… Bobby does not have a shortage of these ever!


Side note: the ‘smaller cleaner table’ was when we were in downtown this weekend. We walked for seriously less than an hour and I was wiped out. We stopped at Caffe Artigiano to get coffee and I sat down at the first available table . Bobby went to get our drinks and never came back. I finally checked my phone only to notice he ditched me for a better table…

The bilateral arm blood test

Today’s morning started early.. and early hasn’t been an issue because I’ve been waking up sans alarm clock around 5am lately. The lab opened at 7am and I left my house around 7:30am. The visit went like this:

7:38am: Name placed on wait list.
8:20am: Called back to reception desk and officially registered. Sent back to lab area
8:25am: Lab tech comes in to take my blood. I slightly panic when I see she is taking 6 vials of blood this morning. She asks which arm she needs to torture today. I offer up my left arm in sacrifice
8:26am: Two vials of blood are successfully drawn. Then, and I quote directly from the very kind lab tech, my “vein stopped giving blood. It must’ve collapsed or something”. My slight panic turns into a more moderate panic. What does this even mean?!
8:27am: Lab tech unable to draw blood from my left vein and decides to stop the process. We now resort to drawing blood from my right arm. Turns out, the vein on my right arm is more prominent and should make drawing the last four vials of blood easy peasy.
8:29am: 6 vials of blood successfully drawn. I am now sent to the bathroom for a urine test. I don’t really have to pee yet, but I guess I can try just in case. I am instructed to only collect ‘mid stream’ pee.
8:32am: Okay, bathroom is free. I do my business.. Turns out I have to pee after all. Collecting mid stream pee is tricky… especially since both of my arms are in pain right now… and I’ve just had 6 vials of blood drawn… so… I end up peeing all over my hand but also managed to get some in the cup as well. The cup is only 1/4 full. I am going to consider this enough of a sample and leave it in the cupboard. *Fingers crossed they don’t call me back to provide another sample
8:36am: Washed my hands four times, cleaned myself up and finally leave the lab and head home


Now I am at home about to make/eat breakfast. Both arms are sore… but my left arm is obviously more sore 😦

Side note: I just got this scarf at The Bay last Tuesday and I am obsessed. I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe a little bit this spring but now am holding out since I will also need to invest in maternity clothes later this year. However, scarves can be worn by people of all sizes! No matter how big I get, I can wear this scarf :D. And yes, I know, black is not a very spring-y colour… but the scarf is so soft. I’ve had it for five days and have almost worn it every day!

How I told Bobby

Obviously, Bobby was the first person to find out that I was pregnant.. and he found out 2.3 seconds after the second pink line on the first pregnancy test showed up. The story went a little like this:

Last Thursday (exactly one week ago!), I decided to take a pregnancy test because I had horrible heart burn all last week. So I quietly sneaked into my bathroom while Bobby was in his office/workshop (side note: Bobby, this room will need to be baby proofed! It might be easiest to just add a lock to the door, haha) working on his coffee maker design or something. As soon as the test came out positive, I quickly rinsed it off with water, grabbed it with a towel and ran to Bobby’s room to show him. Bobby’s reaction was excitement (yay baby!) and disgust (please stop holding a stick you just peed on thisclose to my face!!). I guess there is no perfect way to tell your husband (or significant other). I definitely didn’t have plans to do an elaborate reveal… So Bobby, sorry you got the old pee stick in face reveal 🙂

This weekend, I’m going to get some blood work done.. and we are finally going to tell our families 🙂 I don’t know why, but I thought it would be best to wait until after my doctor confirmed my pregnancy… I guess three positive home tests wasn’t enough proof for me 😛