My little footballer!

Baby has officially started kicking* in utero… while in Lisbon (we arrived yesterday evening). This can only mean one thing, if it is a boy, we will have to name him after Portugal’s pride and joy: Cristiano Ronaldo 😉

*Baby could also be elbowing too… but whatever 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday, my family and I met up at Joe Forte’s for Mother’s Day brunch. Despite the thundershowers we had the night before, the sun was out so we dined al fresco! Dining on a patio really made me miss having a refreshing alcoholic beverage. Everyone (except my mom) was enjoying their cold, adult drinks… and I there I was… quietly sitting in the corner drinking my tea. Lame 😛


The food was good, but the company was better!

Since we celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, today we were free to watch Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol II!! We tried to watch this last weekend… seriously, we even bought tickets and I was happily seated in my seat enjoying the first ten minutes of the movie when Bobby had a near death experience (spoiler alert: he’s just fine) and we had to leave the theatre. Bobby managed to get through the entire movie okay this time around… and we both really enjoyed the movie. It was funny like the first one and Baby Groot is so cute!

At the risk of being annoyed by mass crowds, I bought movie tickets for the Metrotown Cinema… mainly because I wanted to check out their H&M’s maternity section. I’ve been obsessed with H&M’s maternity pants! They are really comfy and they only cost 45$ with tax 🙂 Unfortunately, I did not do my homework and only realised once on site that the H&M in Metrotown didn’t even have a maternity section… oh well…

PS: I chopped off most of my hair. I was a little annoyed the hair dresser cut too much off. I specifically asked her to keep it below shoulder so I can still tie it up. She cut it so that it is just slightly above shoulder… oh well.. hair grows back anyway. And my hair looks healthier now!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s out there! Can’t wait to officially celebrate this wonderful holiday next year 🙂

Telling our families

We officially told our families today:

We met my family (parents, brother and girlfriend) for lunch today. We went to a restaurant called Kulinarya – their food is awesome! My mom, brother and I have a group text going (my dad is not included because he doesn’t have a cell phone hehe) and we were texting back and forth late last week… I wasn’t sure how to invite them out so we could tell them… So I casually asked them if they wanted to meet for lunch today. Luckily, everyone was free. Apparently, because I never invite my family out, they were suspicious. My brother and his girlfriend were so suspicious that they even bought us the baby’s first gift:


Thank you Auntie Ky and Uncle John for the cuuuutest hedgie slippers

I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell my family. Since we were meeting for lunch, I didn’t want it to get too awkward since we were in public. I tried to have lunch either at my place or my parents’ place but they weren’t agreeing to it. I didn’t want to keep pushing for lunch at home because I didn’t want to have to explain why I didn’t want to go out. Haha. Anyway, so lunch out at a restaurant it was. I decided to use a family photo from the wedding reception my parents threw for us back when we got married. On the pic, I labeled their new titles since everyone will be getting a promotion later this year 😉


I was going through my mom’s pictures on facebook and came across this one. This party is over two years ago but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it! The photo looks so great! It looks like we are standing in front of a green screen/fake back drop but those plants are actually very real. We kind of even look like we are somewhere tropical 🙂

So I printed two photos, one for my parents, and one for my brother and Ky… put them in envelopes and told them they had to open it at the same time. I’m sure I sounded like a crazy person but they kindly agreed to open them at the same time (with a countdown to opening the envelope and everything!).. and right after, everyone was like, “oh I knew it…” “I was wondering why you invited us out to eat because you never do”… and my brother and Ky gave us the hedgie slippers. To be honest, I’m a little pissed off the slippers are too small for me to wear myself, but whatever 😛

Later in the afternoon, we skyped with Bobby’s family in Montreal. After some technical difficulties trying to get different parties on one video chat, we finally got everyone on the screen to tell them the good news 🙂

Both families are super excited because it will be the first grand baby for both!!