My birthday/Easter long weekend

My birthday (April 14) coincided with Easter this year so I got 4 days off! Woo hoo! We decided to take the fetus on it’s first ferry ride. Destination: The Sunshine Coast 🙂

I woke up to my birthday present screwed shut between scraps of wood. Thanks, Bobby! IMG_1650

After I unscrewed my present (a floppy hat for Europe!) Bobby decided to decorate the apartment with balloons

No major plans this morning. I have a couple of friends who also had birthdays this weekend so we were all going out for dinner to celebrate. Friday marked the first day we got to see most of our friends all at the same time… so we finally got to tell them the news about Baby L 🙂 After dinner, Bobby and I went to the late Improv Show. It was so late that I was exhausted by the time it started (11:15pm). We got home just before 1am…

We spent a couple of days at the Rock Water Secret Cove Resort in Halfmoon Bay… and it was AWESOME. Because it’s still April, it’s still pretty chilly – especially right next to the water! It was about 5 degrees and VERY windy the day we checked in. We stayed in the cuuuutest cabin with an excellent view off of our patio so we tried to make the best of it.

It was cloudy the day we checked in… but sunny the next day! It was still chilly but having the sun out was nice… We woke up around 8am and decided to try to have morning coffee/tea on the patio. (Spoiler alert: it was 5 degrees, but felt like 3 degrees… so I lasted a total of 15 minutes before heading back into the heated cabin)

After breakfast, we decided to lounge, poolside… fully clothed!

We had spa appointments at 1pm. And check out was at 11am…. so after breakfast, we decided to explore the grounds. The hotel in itself is in a pretty remote area. You have to drive 20-30 minutes south or 15 minutes north to get to the next major cities. I’m sure there are hiking trails nearby ish… but I didn’t really feel like hiking. So we just walked around and explored the hotel grounds.

The hotel is actually broken into three categories: super fancy tents, cabins or hotel rooms in the main building. The tents looked really nice! But they are incredibly expensive to stay in (almost 400$ a night when we were there) and you have to walk an extremely long boardwalk (up/down an incline and up and down some stairs depending on where your tent is located) to get to your tent. You cannot park your car anywhere near your tent… so good luck carrying all of your crap over 🙂 The cabins are smaller… and therefore cheaper (we paid 189$ for the night) and you get to park your car right outside your cabin! Well… at least we got to park right outside of our cabin and we stayed in Cabin #7. Having the car right outside made unloading/loading really easy! I have a coworker who stayed in the main building (regular hotel rooms/suites) and she mentioned that those are also really nice. We love this hotel so much that we are planning to visit again in the summer for Bobby’s birthday. By then it will be warm and we will be able to enjoy the outdoor space a lot more!

After our spa appointments (thai yoga massage for Bobby and pedicure for me) we decided to head back… slowly. It was about 2pm and our ferry (which was only a 30-40 minute drive away) didn’t leave until 6:50pm. Because it was a long weekend, the ferries were all full so there was no hope in catching an earlier ferry. So we stopped in Sechelt for some coffee. Sechelt looks beautiful… Most stores were closed though. There was once store called Blue Magnolia Clothing that was open though… and luckily too because they had a really awesome selection of clothing. I got some shorts (from Denmark!!) and a scarf on clearance… all for 56$ with tax! Woo hoo! I need to stock up on shorts for Europe. I will be 19-21 weeks while we are away… so I will be larger and likely unable to fit in my current shorts. The shorts I got have an elastic waist you tie up (no buttons!) so here’s hoping I can still wear them 🙂

Since Sechelt was mainly closed (and not because it was Easter, but because most places are actually closed on Sundays), we headed over to Gibsons. We visited the few shops that were open and then had an early dinner at the famous Molly’s Reach Restaurant.


After dinner, we headed headed home. The ferry between Horseshoe Bay and Langdale is super quick (40 minutes) so we were home by 8:30pm. I had just enough energy to prep for Bobby’s third annual Easter Egg Hunt (By the way Bobby, when the baby comes, you will have to start sharing the chocolate :))

This year, I bought plastic eggs to hide. I’ve been so paranoid hiding real chocolate because I don’t want to miss finding any.. and then have to deal with finding melted chocolate for the rest of our lives. Although this probably will never be an issue though because I hide the eggs in plain site and Bobby has never had any problems finding them…


The rule is: Bobby gets to trade in one plastic egg for one Ferrero Egg (these eggs are so delicious!).

Bobby had no trouble finding the eggs… He found all 6 in less than 5 minutes!

I have the day off today as well (Bobby is back to work). I have to get some blood work done (first genetic screening test) and I have to tidy up a bit… and relax… and maybe catch up on some Real Housewives… 🙂

This past weekend was so relaxing! I cannot wait until our next weekend getaway to Halfmoon Bay! Thank you fetus for not making mommy too sick over the weekend! I hope you got to enjoy all of the yummy food you got to eat this weekend. Mommy really indulged and is feeling fat this morning

Becoming a grandma before a mom…

Long before Bobby and I became engaged.. and married.. and in the midst of expecting a human baby, we were human parents to a pregnant hedgehog named Chaos. 5 years ago today, Chaos gave birth to three little nuggets therefore making us pseudo-grandparents.

My favorite hedgehog was always Kiwi. Kiwi died over a year ago. Here she is at her 3rd birthday (the last bday she celebrated before going to hedgehog heaven)

FullSizeRender (33)