My little footballer!

Baby has officially started kicking* in utero… while in Lisbon (we arrived yesterday evening). This can only mean one thing, if it is a boy, we will have to name him after Portugal’s pride and joy: Cristiano Ronaldo 😉

*Baby could also be elbowing too… but whatever 🙂


Bobby and I are currently vacationing in Europe (one last hurrah before Baby L arrives in the fall 😉 )

Baby L has been great through out the trip. No nausea and I am blaming my fatigue solely on jet lag (it has not been easy jumping 8 hours ahead in time!!). Apparently I should be able to feel the baby’s movement now (a director I work with described it as feeling like a bubble) and I think I am feeling those occasionally. Thanks for saying hello, baby! I hope you are having a great trip 😀

I will post an update when we are back on tips on traveling while pregnant… and updates from our trip, which has been awesome so far.

For now, I leave you with this picture:


Baby sized beers at the Guinness Storehouse (not for baby’s consumption, of course 😉

PS: Happy birthday to my brother, in the odd chance he or Ky reads this post 🙂

Maternity Clothes… and Plant!

Last weekend, our friends Brad-Ja-Luca came over to drop off this awesome plant as a birthday/congrats on your pregnancy present. I can’t remember what this plant is called, but it’s so pretty! I have to remember to water it (and not over water it) though… I do not have a green thumb whatsoever!


Now that I am past 12 weeks and nearing the end of my first trimester, I decided to start buying maternity clothes. Why oh why is it difficult to find decent maternity clothes in Vancouver? I don’t mean to sound picky but since these clothes will only be worn for less than a year, I don’t want to spend a fortune on them. Also… why do most maternity tops looks like scrubs? Not that I have anything against scrubs, but I don’t want to look like I work in a hospital or clinic when I am just out and about…

I checked out Top Shop and H&M in Pacific Centre and they both had such a small selection of maternity clothes on site. I ended up getting two dresses from Gap online. They were both on sale – so I got a pretty good deal. Still, the dresses are only okay. The biggest problem is that they are both pretty long on me (and will be pretty long even after further belly growth). Being 5’3″, I am pretty used to this issue… At the end of the day, these dresses are good enough to wear to work eventually… 🙂

I also got some pants and shorts at H&M. The pants are sooooo comfy! I don’t ever want to wear normal pants again! The best part was the pants only cost 40$. Woo hoo! I need to create a clothing line for men – Beer Belly Pants. Everyone with a belly must understand how comfy these pants are 😉

Also got this (non maternity ;)) Kimono from Anthropologie. Every year, Anthro members get 15% off their entire purchase during their birthday month. I LOVE Anthropologie… although they are quite pricey and the two stores we have in the Lower Mainland don’t have as a big of a selection as any of the American stores I have ever been to :(. I used to order things online all the time… Until my last purchase. I bought a dress for 170$ USD and then got taxed some outrageous fee by Customs. The dress ended up costing over 300$ CAD after shipping and taxes and I was not pleased!

Anyway, now off to find some decent maternity tops… wish me luck!


Week 6.5 update

Officially halfway through my first trimester and the ‘morning’ sickness has started. I say ‘morning’ because it’s more like all day sickness. And I only get nauseous when I am hungry. And I seem to be hungry ALL.THE.TIME now. Seriously. I’ll have my standard breakfast: yogurt with fruit (and granola if I have some on hand). Then 30 minutes later, I feel like I haven’t eaten in hours. Normally I can last at least a few hours before feeling the need to stuff my face again… This could also be due to daylight savings time kicking in earlier this week. At least there is a quick fix to all of this nausea. I just have to make sure I have lots of food on hand!

Another symptom is super heightened sense of smell. Now, my sense of smell has always been really good, but now I am pretty sure I can rival the sense of smell of police dogs tracking down criminals/criminal activity. Some smells (eg: unshowered individuals) make me physically gag out loud. I hope my sense of smell doesn’t get any better than it already is! Today, I got on the sky train and it smelled like cheezies and it made me want to throw up… yet want to eat cheezies at the same time. Very strange

Luckily, I have not had to throw up… yet. I hope it stays this way 😦