18 weeks – The Ugly Crying Begins…

Officially 18 weeks/4.5 months 🙂

I forgot to mention in my last post, I got the results of my genetic screening blood work at my last doctor’s appointment and everything looks good 🙂 My next appointment with my doctor is in a month’s time. I recently found out that my family doctor, who once was also a practicing obstetrician, no longer delivers babies. She has a partner in her office (Dr. Su) who currently still delivers babies and I will start seeing this doctor from my 32nd week of pregnancy on… and I will also be referred to a Maternity Group of obstetricians. Because the changes of the baby actually being born on its due date is quite low, it will be the obstetrician on call who will be delivering my baby :). I’ve made a request to deliver at BC Women’s Hospital, which is the best of the best in our area. I really hope I get accepted.

Everything has been smooth sailing (thank you, Baby!) but tender boobs have returned. A quick Google search shows that this has happened to other expectant mothers as well… so I am not too concerned. I can deal with discomfort! My newest symptom is… crying. Now, to be honest, I am not a crier in general. At the risk of sounding heartless, I have never been one to cry at sad movies/TV shows. The past couple of days however… the tears just came and I am inconsolable. I’ve been watching elephant videos on Youtube (don’t judge, they are so adorable!!!) and for whatever reason, I keep watching the REALLY sad ones (eg: ‘Elephant cries while being rescued’). After watching 5 sad videos, I am a mess (I really need to stop autoplay on Youtube, haha)… that I continue to be sad even after watching a funny video (eg: ‘Baby elephant can’t control trunk’). Ugh.

As for fetus updates: The baby now measures approximately 5.5 inches long and weighs about 0.5 pounds 🙂 Their lungs are developing  and their sex organs are in place. We will get to find out the baby’s gender at our next ultrasound. I am still planning on having a gender reveal party – not sure how we will do it. I think a cake reveal is the easiest, plus everyone gets to have cake! 🙂

Oh and I finally told my director today. I figured it was time… my belly is getting bigger 😉 She had a feeling I was pregnant. Apparently, I am glowing (I really don’t think I am), but also because after my bleeding episode, I had to go to an urgent doctor’s visit so I had to leave work early on short notice… and of course, I had to tell her. She’s super supportive and told me to just take as much time off as I needed for appointments, etc… and to just enjoy this pregnancy because time goes by so fast 🙂 I also told one of the Project Managers I work closely with. She’s also super happy for me 🙂