Our traveling three ring circus

We planned to spend the day yesterday at the lake again and it’s so funny to me how much stuff we have to bring for two adults. It makes me laugh to think how much more stuff we will need to bring when Baby L comes around! Baby stroller, diaper bag, beach toys… and of course the baby!

Because it’s going to be another hot weekend (27, feels like 30 degrees), we decided to buy a tent so we can have some shade when needed. We ended up getting this one from Canadian Tire and it is awesome! Easy to set up and take down… and it weighs less than 5 pounds! The tent came in really handy 🙂 Side note: the tent was also very popular among the beach goers – we spotted several families with the same model 🙂

Gone are the days when we could go to the beach with beach towels and water bottles. Bobby now insists on bringing our two, very large camping chairs. These chairs are awesome and I am appreciative that Bobby packs these up and carries them (they are not light!)… let’s face it, we are getting old. Sitting on the sand for prolonged periods of time hurts our backs 😛

We also bring a bag of snacks and a cooler with lots of water, fruit (like mangoes*) and lunch. Sasamat Lake has a concession stand.. and to be honest, it would be easier to just buy food there… but the line up is always long.. and who the heck wants to eat a hot and gooey poutine when it feels like it is 30 degrees?! We do make however buy ice cream on site… usually around 2pm when we feel like we are ready to melt 😉


*Bobby likes to comment about much many mangoes I eat. And every time I come home with more mangoes, he always goes “You bought MORE mangoes?”. Yes, Bobby. I love mangoes, okay?! I’m pretty sure that in 5 months time, I will give birth to a mango on top of a human baby…


One thought on “Our traveling three ring circus

  1. I need to make the chair straps more comfy … I have bruises on my arms where they dug in too hard … Also, probably should take another pregnancy test … you know to make sure its not just mangoes.


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