16 weeks

Four months! I am FOUR MONTHS! Time is going by so fast! Not that I am complaining! Things have been going so smoothly the past few weeks 🙂

No major changes to report. I had my second genetic blood test screening done this past weekend. Bobby came with me this time. Well, he dropped me off at the lab and waited for me at a coffee shop. I was only at the lab for less than 15 minutes because I made an appointment… and because there was no one there (this weekend is a long weekend). After my appointment, I met Bobby at Starbucks where we happily sipped our iced beverages in the sun… and made plans to take Baby L to the lake on Sunday. After a horrendous winter (snow until March with temperature below freezing for over three months… when it rarely snows/drops below freezing temperature in Vancouver), we were excited that the forecast called for sunshine in 25 degree weather this long weekend! Woo hoo! We decided to hit up Sasamat Lake.

We got to the lake bright and early to claim some decent beach real estate and parking! Luckily too, because when we were sunned out (approx 3pm), the park gates to get in were closed because the place was packed! Apparently it will be just as hot and sunny this weekend… so a repeat trip to the lake might be required!

The highlight of the visit was seeing a family of geese, which included 5 fluffly baby goslings, walk by:


The babies were soooo adorable… mostly following their mama wherever they went… sometimes straying off course to explore on their own 🙂

Thanks for the day off, Queen Victoria!

Now for some baby updates: At 16 weeks, the fetus is now the size of a pear… and it will double in size over the next three weeks. This would probably explain the pains I occasionally get down there – nothing that ever concerned me. I got these earlier in my pregnancy too when the fetus was due for a growth spurt. I have my next doctor appointment next week. At that point, she will be able to give me an update on both of my genetic screening blood test results and we get to hear the Baby’s heart beat again! If all goes smoothly, I think I will finally tell my director about my pregnancy the first week of June. I haven’t been trying to hide it per se… I was just not really sure when or even how to announce it. I’m a pretty private person at work… and while I do have a slightly bigger belly than normal (easily masked with cardigans/scarves), I haven’t really gained much weight… so it still is not obvious that I am with child. I think an official announcement at 4.5 months is just right 😉


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