Maternity Clothes… and Plant!

Last weekend, our friends Brad-Ja-Luca came over to drop off this awesome plant as a birthday/congrats on your pregnancy present. I can’t remember what this plant is called, but it’s so pretty! I have to remember to water it (and not over water it) though… I do not have a green thumb whatsoever!


Now that I am past 12 weeks and nearing the end of my first trimester, I decided to start buying maternity clothes. Why oh why is it difficult to find decent maternity clothes in Vancouver? I don’t mean to sound picky but since these clothes will only be worn for less than a year, I don’t want to spend a fortune on them. Also… why do most maternity tops looks like scrubs? Not that I have anything against scrubs, but I don’t want to look like I work in a hospital or clinic when I am just out and about…

I checked out Top Shop and H&M in Pacific Centre and they both had such a small selection of maternity clothes on site. I ended up getting two dresses from Gap online. They were both on sale – so I got a pretty good deal. Still, the dresses are only okay. The biggest problem is that they are both pretty long on me (and will be pretty long even after further belly growth). Being 5’3″, I am pretty used to this issue… At the end of the day, these dresses are good enough to wear to work eventually… 🙂

I also got some pants and shorts at H&M. The pants are sooooo comfy! I don’t ever want to wear normal pants again! The best part was the pants only cost 40$. Woo hoo! I need to create a clothing line for men – Beer Belly Pants. Everyone with a belly must understand how comfy these pants are 😉

Also got this (non maternity ;)) Kimono from Anthropologie. Every year, Anthro members get 15% off their entire purchase during their birthday month. I LOVE Anthropologie… although they are quite pricey and the two stores we have in the Lower Mainland don’t have as a big of a selection as any of the American stores I have ever been to :(. I used to order things online all the time… Until my last purchase. I bought a dress for 170$ USD and then got taxed some outrageous fee by Customs. The dress ended up costing over 300$ CAD after shipping and taxes and I was not pleased!

Anyway, now off to find some decent maternity tops… wish me luck!


Second Prenatal Visit

I had my second prenatal visit today. I am 12 weeks and 3 days today and I have gained a total of 2.6 pounds. There really isn’t much to report from today’s visit. The most exciting thing is I got to hear the baby’s heart beat! According to the resident, Baby L has nice strong heart beat so that’s wonderful to hear 🙂

I feel so terrible because I told Bobby not to come to my appointment. He’s been really busy at work so I figured he could skip this appointment. I thought the doctor would listen to the baby’s heart beat using a stethoscope… little did I know they had a Doppler Machine on site. So Bobby missed out 😦

He will definitely be at my next visit in 4 week’s time though! By then I will have the results of my genetic blood screening (I have to go for round two of the blood work in mid May).. and he can hear the baby’s heart beating then 🙂

Other than that, my blood pressure is good. I have had ZERO bleeding and spotting since my big scare three weeks ago (YAY!!!!)… and to be honest, I’ve been feeling AWESOME! I’m still pretty tired (my coworker and I went for a 20 minute walk today and I was so tired after!!) but my mild nausea is pretty much gone.

Happy to report, both Baby and Mama L are doing great 😀

My birthday/Easter long weekend

My birthday (April 14) coincided with Easter this year so I got 4 days off! Woo hoo! We decided to take the fetus on it’s first ferry ride. Destination: The Sunshine Coast 🙂

I woke up to my birthday present screwed shut between scraps of wood. Thanks, Bobby! IMG_1650

After I unscrewed my present (a floppy hat for Europe!) Bobby decided to decorate the apartment with balloons

No major plans this morning. I have a couple of friends who also had birthdays this weekend so we were all going out for dinner to celebrate. Friday marked the first day we got to see most of our friends all at the same time… so we finally got to tell them the news about Baby L 🙂 After dinner, Bobby and I went to the late Improv Show. It was so late that I was exhausted by the time it started (11:15pm). We got home just before 1am…

We spent a couple of days at the Rock Water Secret Cove Resort in Halfmoon Bay… and it was AWESOME. Because it’s still April, it’s still pretty chilly – especially right next to the water! It was about 5 degrees and VERY windy the day we checked in. We stayed in the cuuuutest cabin with an excellent view off of our patio so we tried to make the best of it.

It was cloudy the day we checked in… but sunny the next day! It was still chilly but having the sun out was nice… We woke up around 8am and decided to try to have morning coffee/tea on the patio. (Spoiler alert: it was 5 degrees, but felt like 3 degrees… so I lasted a total of 15 minutes before heading back into the heated cabin)

After breakfast, we decided to lounge, poolside… fully clothed!

We had spa appointments at 1pm. And check out was at 11am…. so after breakfast, we decided to explore the grounds. The hotel in itself is in a pretty remote area. You have to drive 20-30 minutes south or 15 minutes north to get to the next major cities. I’m sure there are hiking trails nearby ish… but I didn’t really feel like hiking. So we just walked around and explored the hotel grounds.

The hotel is actually broken into three categories: super fancy tents, cabins or hotel rooms in the main building. The tents looked really nice! But they are incredibly expensive to stay in (almost 400$ a night when we were there) and you have to walk an extremely long boardwalk (up/down an incline and up and down some stairs depending on where your tent is located) to get to your tent. You cannot park your car anywhere near your tent… so good luck carrying all of your crap over 🙂 The cabins are smaller… and therefore cheaper (we paid 189$ for the night) and you get to park your car right outside your cabin! Well… at least we got to park right outside of our cabin and we stayed in Cabin #7. Having the car right outside made unloading/loading really easy! I have a coworker who stayed in the main building (regular hotel rooms/suites) and she mentioned that those are also really nice. We love this hotel so much that we are planning to visit again in the summer for Bobby’s birthday. By then it will be warm and we will be able to enjoy the outdoor space a lot more!

After our spa appointments (thai yoga massage for Bobby and pedicure for me) we decided to head back… slowly. It was about 2pm and our ferry (which was only a 30-40 minute drive away) didn’t leave until 6:50pm. Because it was a long weekend, the ferries were all full so there was no hope in catching an earlier ferry. So we stopped in Sechelt for some coffee. Sechelt looks beautiful… Most stores were closed though. There was once store called Blue Magnolia Clothing that was open though… and luckily too because they had a really awesome selection of clothing. I got some shorts (from Denmark!!) and a scarf on clearance… all for 56$ with tax! Woo hoo! I need to stock up on shorts for Europe. I will be 19-21 weeks while we are away… so I will be larger and likely unable to fit in my current shorts. The shorts I got have an elastic waist you tie up (no buttons!) so here’s hoping I can still wear them 🙂

Since Sechelt was mainly closed (and not because it was Easter, but because most places are actually closed on Sundays), we headed over to Gibsons. We visited the few shops that were open and then had an early dinner at the famous Molly’s Reach Restaurant.


After dinner, we headed headed home. The ferry between Horseshoe Bay and Langdale is super quick (40 minutes) so we were home by 8:30pm. I had just enough energy to prep for Bobby’s third annual Easter Egg Hunt (By the way Bobby, when the baby comes, you will have to start sharing the chocolate :))

This year, I bought plastic eggs to hide. I’ve been so paranoid hiding real chocolate because I don’t want to miss finding any.. and then have to deal with finding melted chocolate for the rest of our lives. Although this probably will never be an issue though because I hide the eggs in plain site and Bobby has never had any problems finding them…


The rule is: Bobby gets to trade in one plastic egg for one Ferrero Egg (these eggs are so delicious!).

Bobby had no trouble finding the eggs… He found all 6 in less than 5 minutes!

I have the day off today as well (Bobby is back to work). I have to get some blood work done (first genetic screening test) and I have to tidy up a bit… and relax… and maybe catch up on some Real Housewives… 🙂

This past weekend was so relaxing! I cannot wait until our next weekend getaway to Halfmoon Bay! Thank you fetus for not making mommy too sick over the weekend! I hope you got to enjoy all of the yummy food you got to eat this weekend. Mommy really indulged and is feeling fat this morning

The Nursery

Eventually, I am going to get around to de-cluttering the baby’s room. We’ve had this spare room pretty much empty ever since we moved into this apartment three years ago… Technically, the room has had a couple of residents: Kiwi, Marco (Bobby’s brother), then Kiwi again. After Kiwi died, the room became a bit of a dumping ground (see pic below):

The room is a great size. I am definitely not into the neon green walls (the previous apartment owners had two sons… and they let each of their sons paint their bedrooms a BRIGHT colour). Regardless of the baby’s gender, the room will be painted with a softer, more calming, colour.

FullSizeRender (2)

Here is a list of things we need to get done before Baby L’s arrival:

Things to Buy/Build:

  • Better closet system. I can never understand why closets are built with so much wasted space. We don’t only need one shelf to store clothes on/hang clothes from!! We had our master bedroom closet redone by California Closets and we LOVE it. Unfortunately, Baby L’s closet budget is not so big.. He/she will be getting a lovely Martha Stewart or Ikea closet system 😛
  • Changing table (I have a few ideas on pinterest)
  • A comfortable chair (for nursing, lulling the baby to sleep, etc)
  • Black out blinds – so we can make night time happen anytime we need

We already have a crib. Years ago, Bobby made our friends a crib as a baby shower gift for their baby. Their baby is no longer a baby anymore. In fact, he is turning 5 this year and will be attending kindergarten in September (where the heck has the time gone?!). They are very kindly passing the crib back over to for us to use for Baby L which is so awesome! We just need to buy a new mattress and sheets for the crib 🙂


Crib building… on a summer day in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia. Perfectly normal patio activity 🙂

Here are a couple of other ‘before’ nursery pictures.

IMG_1646 (1)

The closet will be getting a better clothes storage system (with built in drawers, etc) to make it more functional. Currently next to the closet are a few baby items we bought from Brad and Ja: a travel baby bed, a breast pump and an Ergo baby carrier


The neon green room’s first resident: Kiwi-Keys Chaos! Technically, her momma Chaos was also a resident.. but Chaos died shortly after we moved into this apartment 😦

Nursery updates will commence this summer, after our sojourn in Europe. Stay tuned! 🙂

Ultrasound #2

Warning: This post talks about bleeding. Feel free to head over to the end of the post for ultrasound picture 🙂

After going through this somewhat traumatic experience which started over the weekend, I got scheduled in for a repeat ultrasound today. Thankful to say, Baby L is alive and thriving!

To date, I am 9 weeks into my pregnancy. This being my first rodeo, I really don’t know what to expect. And let me tell you, Google is not your friend when you experience symptoms you don’t know you should be having. I’ve been in tears and stressed out so many times I’ve lost count. For the most part, I’ve had very mild pregnancy symptoms:

  • Sore breasts (my boobs have seriously hurt for two months)
  • Nausea (easily avoidable as long as I eat/keep myself fed – thankfully have not had to vomit yet, even when especially gaggy)
  • Lack of energy (I find that I am heading for bed by 9pm. I don’t necessarily fall asleep right away, but I just need to lay down and quietly read on my phone or whatever)
  • Lower back pain (which to be honest I’ve lived with for the past 10 or so years thanks to a snowboarding injury – falling on ice will do that to you)

The symptom that has stressed me out the most is bleeding. Earlier in my pregnancy, at about 5-6 weeks, I had some pretty heavy spotting (dark brown, old looking blood) which the interwebs pretty much agrees is ‘normal’. Basically, at this stage in pregnancy, your uterus might be shedding some old blood (hence the dark brown blood).

However, last Sunday morning, I woke up around 8am because I had to pee. Imagine my surprise (leading to PANIC) when I found that I had been BLEEDING. Bleeding as in bright red blood. Having googled ‘spotting’ earlier in my pregnancy, I was always reassured that ‘as long as it was not bright red blood, there is no need to panic’. Well, because it was bright red blood this time, I freaked the hell out and woke Bobby up. To be honest, there was not a lot of blood. It kind of looked like I was starting my period which in itself is awful news because when you bleed, immediately you think you are miscarrying.

Since it was Sunday, I couldn’t see my doctor. I paged the on call maternity physician and she called me back right away. Speaking to her was very reassuring, but to be honest, I was still freaked out. She mentioned that bleeding *can* be normal because of blood clots (or something like that). She told me to put a pad on and to go to the hospital if:

  • The pad completely fills with blood within 30-60 minutes
  • I have severe abdominal pain/cramps
  • I have a fever.

I’ve had none of those symptoms and the bleeding stopped a few hours later. In fact, about an hour or so after I spoke with the doctor, I went to bathroom to assess my situation and I noticed that I had ‘passed’ a blood clot which I am hoping is the reason for all of this stress. I never ‘filled’ a pad which was reassuring. My bleeding was really more like spotting, but with bright red blood at first, and then dark brown blood later on. I also never got cramps or a fever.

On Monday, I went to see my doctor (well, technically, the doctor who was working at my clinic that day) and she had me repeat some blood work to confirm my hCG levels (apparently, these numbers are supposed to continue to rise over the next week or so) and to schedule me in for an ultrasound. Because my appointment was so late in the day, all labs were closed and they weren’t able to book me in for an ultrasound. The receptionist told me she would call me on Tuesday with my appointment time.

Today (Tuesday), I woke up bright and early to get my blood test done before work. Because I was in the lab, I put my phone on silent. Because my phone was on silent, I missed the call from my doctor’s office. They called at 8:15am and I couldn’t call them back because their clinic doesn’t open until 9am. No big deal, I figured I would just call them back once I got to work. And I did… they scheduled me for a repeat ultrasound today at 3:15pm.

I left work early to go to my ultrasound appointment. This time around, I made sure not to overdo it with the filling of bladder request. The tech did her thing and Baby L’s heart is beating and everything! I cannot believe how much my little fetus has grown in three weeks and 1 day. What was just a little blob now has a visible head (and apparently arms and legs too). It’s heart rate was 171, which apparently is normal… and it’s growth rate is on track!!!! WOO HOO…!!! Thanks for extra/unnecessary stress, Baby! Already giving mommy such a hard time 🙂

For those that are curious, the bleeding was likely due to implantation. The tech did a thorough scan and she couldn’t see any more potential clots that would cause bleeding…. and I seriously hope I don’t experience anymore because they are borderline heart attack inducing.

Here is Baby L at 9 weeks. It’s measuring at 2.45cm! My little fetus is about an inch long!!!!


Side note: So when my doctor’s office was not able to get a hold of me this morning, they decided to call my mom and let her know they are trying to get a hold of me. What am I, 12 years old still?!? Haha 🙂