The bilateral arm blood test

Today’s morning started early.. and early hasn’t been an issue because I’ve been waking up sans alarm clock around 5am lately. The lab opened at 7am and I left my house around 7:30am. The visit went like this:

7:38am: Name placed on wait list.
8:20am: Called back to reception desk and officially registered. Sent back to lab area
8:25am: Lab tech comes in to take my blood. I slightly panic when I see she is taking 6 vials of blood this morning. She asks which arm she needs to torture today. I offer up my left arm in sacrifice
8:26am: Two vials of blood are successfully drawn. Then, and I quote directly from the very kind lab tech, my “vein stopped giving blood. It must’ve collapsed or something”. My slight panic turns into a more moderate panic. What does this even mean?!
8:27am: Lab tech unable to draw blood from my left vein and decides to stop the process. We now resort to drawing blood from my right arm. Turns out, the vein on my right arm is more prominent and should make drawing the last four vials of blood easy peasy.
8:29am: 6 vials of blood successfully drawn. I am now sent to the bathroom for a urine test. I don’t really have to pee yet, but I guess I can try just in case. I am instructed to only collect ‘mid stream’ pee.
8:32am: Okay, bathroom is free. I do my business.. Turns out I have to pee after all. Collecting mid stream pee is tricky… especially since both of my arms are in pain right now… and I’ve just had 6 vials of blood drawn… so… I end up peeing all over my hand but also managed to get some in the cup as well. The cup is only 1/4 full. I am going to consider this enough of a sample and leave it in the cupboard. *Fingers crossed they don’t call me back to provide another sample
8:36am: Washed my hands four times, cleaned myself up and finally leave the lab and head home


Now I am at home about to make/eat breakfast. Both arms are sore… but my left arm is obviously more sore 😦

Side note: I just got this scarf at The Bay last Tuesday and I am obsessed. I wanted to upgrade my wardrobe a little bit this spring but now am holding out since I will also need to invest in maternity clothes later this year. However, scarves can be worn by people of all sizes! No matter how big I get, I can wear this scarf :D. And yes, I know, black is not a very spring-y colour… but the scarf is so soft. I’ve had it for five days and have almost worn it every day!


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