How I told Bobby

Obviously, Bobby was the first person to find out that I was pregnant.. and he found out 2.3 seconds after the second pink line on the first pregnancy test showed up. The story went a little like this:

Last Thursday (exactly one week ago!), I decided to take a pregnancy test because I had horrible heart burn all last week. So I quietly sneaked into my bathroom while Bobby was in his office/workshop (side note: Bobby, this room will need to be baby proofed! It might be easiest to just add a lock to the door, haha) working on his coffee maker design or something. As soon as the test came out positive, I quickly rinsed it off with water, grabbed it with a towel and ran to Bobby’s room to show him. Bobby’s reaction was excitement (yay baby!) and disgust (please stop holding a stick you just peed on thisclose to my face!!). I guess there is no perfect way to tell your husband (or significant other). I definitely didn’t have plans to do an elaborate reveal… So Bobby, sorry you got the old pee stick in face reveal 🙂

This weekend, I’m going to get some blood work done.. and we are finally going to tell our families 🙂 I don’t know why, but I thought it would be best to wait until after my doctor confirmed my pregnancy… I guess three positive home tests wasn’t enough proof for me 😛


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