First Prenatal Visit

Today, I had my first ‘official’ prenatal doctor’s appointment. After checking in, I had to provide a urine sample (apparently these will be mandatory at every appointment – to check my blood sugar level or something?) and to get my height and weight measured. I have gained two pounds! I feel like such a fatty 😛

After my measurements were taken, the resident went over my blood test and ultrasound results. Everything from my blood test checked out okay. I am super paranoid that I suffer from hypothyroidism because I am ALWAYS cold. However, my two recent blood tests have proven otherwise… My ultrasound also looked good. Apparently, I was 6 weeks and 6 days at my ultrasound appointment last week (Bobby actually thought that’s what the tech said, I misheard and thought she said 6 weeks and 2 days) which makes me 8 weeks and 1 day today… and my updated due date is November 7th 2017. Right in between Ky’s birthday and Remembrance Day 🙂 Closer to my due date, I definitely want to do a baby pool!

I also had to give a full family history today. I had to think wayyyy back if I had chicken pox as a child (I honestly think I did – I vaguely remember having this as a little girl in the Philippines because my brother got it….) and if I have any family members who have had or has heart disease, diabetes, mental health issues, etc.

After the mild interrogation, I had a physical to make sure everything was fine (blood pressure, heart, lungs, uterus, abdomen, breasts/nipples, etc). Fun times. Everything checked out great 🙂 My second prenatal appointment is in a month. Before then, I will be doing my first genetic blood screening test… but that’s pretty much all of the appointments for my first trimester (unless, I need to see my doctor, of course)

Side note, apparently my little fetus was conceived on Valentine’s Day. Bobby, what do you think of Valentine (or Valentina/o) as a middle name?! Valentino reminds me of how much I want these shoes! The name is meant to be! 🙂

Dad Jokes

One thing’s for sure… Bobby does not have a shortage of these ever!


Side note: the ‘smaller cleaner table’ was when we were in downtown this weekend. We walked for seriously less than an hour and I was wiped out. We stopped at Caffe Artigiano to get coffee and I sat down at the first available table . Bobby went to get our drinks and never came back. I finally checked my phone only to notice he ditched me for a better table…

Are you in there little fetus?

In nine months will you come greet us? I will… buy you some Adidas*

Today, we had our first ultrasound. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’ve never had an ultrasound before (obstetric or otherwise) but I was already panicking about having to go with a full bladder. Like I mentioned in a previous entry, I have issues with drinking liquids and maintaining a full bladder. If I need to pee, I need to pee 5 minutes ago! However, I am also a rule follower so I tried really hard to drink the required 1L of water two hours before my appointment… so that when I eventually arrived at the clinic, I thought my bladder was going to explode. It didn’t help that they were running 15 minutes late… and that I am not a patient person to begin with but luckily, my name finally got called and off I went.

So we get started, and Lindsay, the very nice ultrasound tech, gets me all set up… and she comments that my bladder is REALLY full. So full that she asked me to empty some of it (she gave me a cup to pee into in their bathroom – the cup was mainly so I didn’t accidentally empty my entire bladder). I walk to their bathroom and do my thing. Come back and what do you know, my bladder is still very full. However, she continues on with the scan but has some difficulty in finding my little fetus… probably because my expanded bladder has taken over my entire pelvic region. Anyway, so she asks if I am open to an internal vaginal ultrasound. I agree, mainly because I know she will let me empty my bladder at this point.

I go back to the bathroom and completely empty my bladder (or so I think…?). I head back to the exam room and the internal ultrasound begins. She manages to find the fetus and detect it’s heart rate – YAY! And… she comments that my bladder is still quite full (even though I no longer feel the need to pee – you see what I mean about having strange pee/bladder issues?!)

After she took the measurements she needed to take, she brought Bobby into the exam room so she could show us what the baby looked like so far and to see it’s heart beating! It was soooo cool!

Here is Baby L’s official first photo. I measured at 6 weeks and 2 days (slightly off from the 7 weeks and 2 days I have been going by… which is the date my last period started)


The squiggly lines with the +s on them show the baby’s heart rate.. which is at 142 bpm. I thought this was crazy and rivaled Kiwi’s intense heart beating… but a quick google search showed that hedgehogs’ hearts beat at 190 bpm.

InkedFullSizeRender (1)_LI

Anyway, after having some spotting throughout my pregnancy (which continues to stress me out despite constant google searching telling me this is normal), I can finally kind of relax today after seeing the fetus with it’s heart beating

We told a friend that we were expecting last week and I was a little bit disheartened that we only get two ultrasounds in total during pregnancy in BC. I’ve been following some mommy blogs (all mommies from the US) and they get more ultrasounds… but I guess that’s because they are paying for each visit. One thing’s for sure though, I will be coming with a less full bladder at my next appointment

Here is an updated list of people who know:
– Me
– Bobby
– My doctor
– My parents
– John and Ky
– Bobby’s parents
– Marco, Tommy and Jess
– Brad-Ja-Luca
– The ultrasound tech from today
– Bobby’s hairdresser (apparently!! I guess men gossip more during hair appointments than women do… *insert intense eye roll here*)

*Little fetus song written by Phoebe Buffay 😉

Week 6.5 update

Officially halfway through my first trimester and the ‘morning’ sickness has started. I say ‘morning’ because it’s more like all day sickness. And I only get nauseous when I am hungry. And I seem to be hungry ALL.THE.TIME now. Seriously. I’ll have my standard breakfast: yogurt with fruit (and granola if I have some on hand). Then 30 minutes later, I feel like I haven’t eaten in hours. Normally I can last at least a few hours before feeling the need to stuff my face again… This could also be due to daylight savings time kicking in earlier this week. At least there is a quick fix to all of this nausea. I just have to make sure I have lots of food on hand!

Another symptom is super heightened sense of smell. Now, my sense of smell has always been really good, but now I am pretty sure I can rival the sense of smell of police dogs tracking down criminals/criminal activity. Some smells (eg: unshowered individuals) make me physically gag out loud. I hope my sense of smell doesn’t get any better than it already is! Today, I got on the sky train and it smelled like cheezies and it made me want to throw up… yet want to eat cheezies at the same time. Very strange

Luckily, I have not had to throw up… yet. I hope it stays this way 😦


Becoming a grandma before a mom…

Long before Bobby and I became engaged.. and married.. and in the midst of expecting a human baby, we were human parents to a pregnant hedgehog named Chaos. 5 years ago today, Chaos gave birth to three little nuggets therefore making us pseudo-grandparents.

My favorite hedgehog was always Kiwi. Kiwi died over a year ago. Here she is at her 3rd birthday (the last bday she celebrated before going to hedgehog heaven)

FullSizeRender (33)

Telling our families

We officially told our families today:

We met my family (parents, brother and girlfriend) for lunch today. We went to a restaurant called Kulinarya – their food is awesome! My mom, brother and I have a group text going (my dad is not included because he doesn’t have a cell phone hehe) and we were texting back and forth late last week… I wasn’t sure how to invite them out so we could tell them… So I casually asked them if they wanted to meet for lunch today. Luckily, everyone was free. Apparently, because I never invite my family out, they were suspicious. My brother and his girlfriend were so suspicious that they even bought us the baby’s first gift:


Thank you Auntie Ky and Uncle John for the cuuuutest hedgie slippers

I wasn’t sure how I was going to tell my family. Since we were meeting for lunch, I didn’t want it to get too awkward since we were in public. I tried to have lunch either at my place or my parents’ place but they weren’t agreeing to it. I didn’t want to keep pushing for lunch at home because I didn’t want to have to explain why I didn’t want to go out. Haha. Anyway, so lunch out at a restaurant it was. I decided to use a family photo from the wedding reception my parents threw for us back when we got married. On the pic, I labeled their new titles since everyone will be getting a promotion later this year 😉


I was going through my mom’s pictures on facebook and came across this one. This party is over two years ago but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it! The photo looks so great! It looks like we are standing in front of a green screen/fake back drop but those plants are actually very real. We kind of even look like we are somewhere tropical 🙂

So I printed two photos, one for my parents, and one for my brother and Ky… put them in envelopes and told them they had to open it at the same time. I’m sure I sounded like a crazy person but they kindly agreed to open them at the same time (with a countdown to opening the envelope and everything!).. and right after, everyone was like, “oh I knew it…” “I was wondering why you invited us out to eat because you never do”… and my brother and Ky gave us the hedgie slippers. To be honest, I’m a little pissed off the slippers are too small for me to wear myself, but whatever 😛

Later in the afternoon, we skyped with Bobby’s family in Montreal. After some technical difficulties trying to get different parties on one video chat, we finally got everyone on the screen to tell them the good news 🙂

Both families are super excited because it will be the first grand baby for both!!