And then there were two

I picked up a couple more pregnancy tests on my way home today (FYI, I’ve been using First Response) and took another test when I got home… and got another positive test!



I’ve been experiencing some textbook early pregnancy symptoms this past week: cramps, really tender breasts, bloating and heartburn. In fact, the heartburn was so bad yesterday I could barely sit at work. I figured something was up which is why I took the test last night. I also had awful insomnia last night, which could’ve been due to excitement, stress, anxiety and everything rolled into one!

Anyway, my doctor’s appointment is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Excited to get an official confirmation… although, I’m not sure if I will be asked to do another standard pregnancy test (read: pee stick), or if she will send me in for blood work. If it’s blood work, not sure how soon it will take for the results to come in.


So this just happened…

Okay… so it’s unofficially official? We are having a baby! I took a pregnancy test today and the second line showed up 🙂


I’ll be taking a second test to be sure tomorrow (I don’t have any more tests at home) and booking an appointment with my doctor to get the official confirmation.

More to come…