My little footballer!

Baby has officially started kicking* in utero… while in Lisbon (we arrived yesterday evening). This can only mean one thing, if it is a boy, we will have to name him after Portugal’s pride and joy: Cristiano Ronaldo 😉

*Baby could also be elbowing too… but whatever 🙂


Bobby and I are currently vacationing in Europe (one last hurrah before Baby L arrives in the fall 😉 )

Baby L has been great through out the trip. No nausea and I am blaming my fatigue solely on jet lag (it has not been easy jumping 8 hours ahead in time!!). Apparently I should be able to feel the baby’s movement now (a director I work with described it as feeling like a bubble) and I think I am feeling those occasionally. Thanks for saying hello, baby! I hope you are having a great trip 😀

I will post an update when we are back on tips on traveling while pregnant… and updates from our trip, which has been awesome so far.

For now, I leave you with this picture:


Baby sized beers at the Guinness Storehouse (not for baby’s consumption, of course 😉

PS: Happy birthday to my brother, in the odd chance he or Ky reads this post 🙂

18 weeks – The Ugly Crying Begins…

Officially 18 weeks/4.5 months 🙂

I forgot to mention in my last post, I got the results of my genetic screening blood work at my last doctor’s appointment and everything looks good 🙂 My next appointment with my doctor is in a month’s time. I recently found out that my family doctor, who once was also a practicing obstetrician, no longer delivers babies. She has a partner in her office (Dr. Su) who currently still delivers babies and I will start seeing this doctor from my 32nd week of pregnancy on… and I will also be referred to a Maternity Group of obstetricians. Because the changes of the baby actually being born on its due date is quite low, it will be the obstetrician on call who will be delivering my baby :). I’ve made a request to deliver at BC Women’s Hospital, which is the best of the best in our area. I really hope I get accepted.

Everything has been smooth sailing (thank you, Baby!) but tender boobs have returned. A quick Google search shows that this has happened to other expectant mothers as well… so I am not too concerned. I can deal with discomfort! My newest symptom is… crying. Now, to be honest, I am not a crier in general. At the risk of sounding heartless, I have never been one to cry at sad movies/TV shows. The past couple of days however… the tears just came and I am inconsolable. I’ve been watching elephant videos on Youtube (don’t judge, they are so adorable!!!) and for whatever reason, I keep watching the REALLY sad ones (eg: ‘Elephant cries while being rescued’). After watching 5 sad videos, I am a mess (I really need to stop autoplay on Youtube, haha)… that I continue to be sad even after watching a funny video (eg: ‘Baby elephant can’t control trunk’). Ugh.

As for fetus updates: The baby now measures approximately 5.5 inches long and weighs about 0.5 pounds 🙂 Their lungs are developing  and their sex organs are in place. We will get to find out the baby’s gender at our next ultrasound. I am still planning on having a gender reveal party – not sure how we will do it. I think a cake reveal is the easiest, plus everyone gets to have cake! 🙂

Oh and I finally told my director today. I figured it was time… my belly is getting bigger 😉 She had a feeling I was pregnant. Apparently, I am glowing (I really don’t think I am), but also because after my bleeding episode, I had to go to an urgent doctor’s visit so I had to leave work early on short notice… and of course, I had to tell her. She’s super supportive and told me to just take as much time off as I needed for appointments, etc… and to just enjoy this pregnancy because time goes by so fast 🙂 I also told one of the Project Managers I work closely with. She’s also super happy for me 🙂

Third Prenatal Visit

Today was my third prenatal doctor’s appointment… and it started off with a bang. Literally. Bobby was going to come along and he was going to meet me at my doctor’s office and he got rear ended on his way! He was literally 5 minutes away when the accident happened 😦

Thankfully, he is okay. The two drivers are also okay.. but probably more injured. Basically, Bobby was stopped in traffic and the lady behind him was slowing down (to stop in time)… and the guy behind her didn’t stop at all… and crashed into the lady… who then crashed into Bobby.

I just got to my doctor’s office when Bobby called to tell me what happened and I immediately panicked. He’s okay though but he was going to miss my appointment and not hear Baby L’s heart beat again 😦

I didn’t want to hold my doctor up so I checked in, hoping she was running late so that Bobby could make it to the end of my appointment. As per usual, I had to get a urine sample and the MOA weighed me (I am just under 128 lbs). Well, today was the day my doctor was running on schedule. I told her about Bobby’s accident and she was sympathetic about it… we did my blood test, and she commented that I haven’t gained very much weight (about 5 pounds in total). I’ve only been inhaling everything in site… but I guess I didn’t have much of an appetite the last 10 days or so during the heat wave.

She then wrote me a doctor’s note for my trip… and answered my questions (eg: what to take for nausea or allergies when I am away)… and she talked me off the ledge on how round ligament pains (the sharp pains I’ve been getting down there) are normal… and we made small talk about my upcoming trip… but alas, she had to proceed with the heart beat check part. I was so stressed/sad about Bobby missing this.. again… but my doctor told me to just wait in the waiting room and she would bring me back into the room again when Bobby arrived and we could hear the heart beat again 🙂

I waited about 30 minutes until Bobby arrived. Turns out the hold up was that he was talking to his insurance because he has a company car… which makes things so much more complicated and annoying!! But anyway, he arrived and so we got sent back to the room and Bobby FINALLY got to hear Baby L’s heart beat. He thought it was really cool 😀 😀

I am due to see my doctor in a month’s time… and I am also due for my next (and final) ultrasound. At the next ultrasound, we can FINALLY get the baby’s gender (if the baby cooperates of course). I am still trying to decide if I want to do a 3D ultrasound. This is not covered by our health insurance – I will have to pay out of pocket and I think it is worth it! Bobby think’s it’s only worth it if they actually give us a 3D print out of the baby *eyeroll* 🙂

Today also marks the start of my 17th week of pregnancy. Baby L is now measuring approximately 5 inches long and apparently his/her hair, eyelashes, eye brows, finger/toe nails are growing. His/her reflexes (eg: swallowing and blinking) are also developing… and his/her teeny tiny heart is pumping as much as 20L of blood a day. For reference, an adult heart pumps approximately 7600L of blood per day 🙂

Baby’s First Beer Festival… in utero

Yesterday, we hit up the Brewer’s Row Block Party in Port Moody… and that was my first beer festival not being able to drink beer. To be honest, I am not a huge beer drinker to begin with, but when it is hot, it’s nice to drink a nice, light, fruity beer whilst you pass the time.

The event was short, from noon to 5pm, so we got there early to get awesome seats in the shade. I felt a little bit awkward being at a beer festival… not drinking beer. Being almost 17 weeks, I am still not obviously pregnant. I was excited to see two other pregnant women at the festival as well… and they obviously also were not drinking… however, they were a lot further along and more visibly pregnant (one was due to give birth in two months).

In the end, we had fun. The live music was great! The first act was an extremely talented young man named Olin Brix. He’s so awesome! Very mellow remakes of popular songs. Then there was band called Ghost of Blood Alley. They were great too. More lively.. and loud. At some point, I worried that Baby L was wondering why people were yelling at him/her 😉

Bobby had a blast since he had a designated driver 😛


Looks last this past weekend marked the end of the heat wave we’ve been having. It will be a lot cooler this week and weekend. I guess it will give me a chance to stay home and clean the apartment… am I nesting?!?! 🙂

Our traveling three ring circus

We planned to spend the day yesterday at the lake again and it’s so funny to me how much stuff we have to bring for two adults. It makes me laugh to think how much more stuff we will need to bring when Baby L comes around! Baby stroller, diaper bag, beach toys… and of course the baby!

Because it’s going to be another hot weekend (27, feels like 30 degrees), we decided to buy a tent so we can have some shade when needed. We ended up getting this one from Canadian Tire and it is awesome! Easy to set up and take down… and it weighs less than 5 pounds! The tent came in really handy 🙂 Side note: the tent was also very popular among the beach goers – we spotted several families with the same model 🙂

Gone are the days when we could go to the beach with beach towels and water bottles. Bobby now insists on bringing our two, very large camping chairs. These chairs are awesome and I am appreciative that Bobby packs these up and carries them (they are not light!)… let’s face it, we are getting old. Sitting on the sand for prolonged periods of time hurts our backs 😛

We also bring a bag of snacks and a cooler with lots of water, fruit (like mangoes*) and lunch. Sasamat Lake has a concession stand.. and to be honest, it would be easier to just buy food there… but the line up is always long.. and who the heck wants to eat a hot and gooey poutine when it feels like it is 30 degrees?! We do make however buy ice cream on site… usually around 2pm when we feel like we are ready to melt 😉


*Bobby likes to comment about much many mangoes I eat. And every time I come home with more mangoes, he always goes “You bought MORE mangoes?”. Yes, Bobby. I love mangoes, okay?! I’m pretty sure that in 5 months time, I will give birth to a mango on top of a human baby…

16 weeks

Four months! I am FOUR MONTHS! Time is going by so fast! Not that I am complaining! Things have been going so smoothly the past few weeks 🙂

No major changes to report. I had my second genetic blood test screening done this past weekend. Bobby came with me this time. Well, he dropped me off at the lab and waited for me at a coffee shop. I was only at the lab for less than 15 minutes because I made an appointment… and because there was no one there (this weekend is a long weekend). After my appointment, I met Bobby at Starbucks where we happily sipped our iced beverages in the sun… and made plans to take Baby L to the lake on Sunday. After a horrendous winter (snow until March with temperature below freezing for over three months… when it rarely snows/drops below freezing temperature in Vancouver), we were excited that the forecast called for sunshine in 25 degree weather this long weekend! Woo hoo! We decided to hit up Sasamat Lake.

We got to the lake bright and early to claim some decent beach real estate and parking! Luckily too, because when we were sunned out (approx 3pm), the park gates to get in were closed because the place was packed! Apparently it will be just as hot and sunny this weekend… so a repeat trip to the lake might be required!

The highlight of the visit was seeing a family of geese, which included 5 fluffly baby goslings, walk by:


The babies were soooo adorable… mostly following their mama wherever they went… sometimes straying off course to explore on their own 🙂

Thanks for the day off, Queen Victoria!

Now for some baby updates: At 16 weeks, the fetus is now the size of a pear… and it will double in size over the next three weeks. This would probably explain the pains I occasionally get down there – nothing that ever concerned me. I got these earlier in my pregnancy too when the fetus was due for a growth spurt. I have my next doctor appointment next week. At that point, she will be able to give me an update on both of my genetic screening blood test results and we get to hear the Baby’s heart beat again! If all goes smoothly, I think I will finally tell my director about my pregnancy the first week of June. I haven’t been trying to hide it per se… I was just not really sure when or even how to announce it. I’m a pretty private person at work… and while I do have a slightly bigger belly than normal (easily masked with cardigans/scarves), I haven’t really gained much weight… so it still is not obvious that I am with child. I think an official announcement at 4.5 months is just right 😉